How can we help you?

Our Green Sanctuary is here to help you with plants! Our Plant Consulting services help clients with plant selection and care for indoor and outdoor spaces on the Central Coast, NSW Australia

We ensure the right plants are chosen for your space requirements and requests, and we help you learn how to care for them. If you have a plant problem, we can help! Ask us a question. We love tropical & indoor plants and they are Rachel's specialtyContact us today to learn how Our Green Sanctuary can help you.

Let us help you create a green space you will love. We are the nursery that comes to you. Plant care advice tailored to your space. Plant selection, sourcing, design and installation services catered to your needs. 

We want to teach you about plants! Our Plant Profiles are your guide to plants! Our Plant consult report is a tailored guide to your plants, so you understand where they are best suited to thrive in your space.

An online mini course will soon be available to help you getting started with houseplants or any plants for your space. I've created 5 lessons that are designed to introduce you to houseplants. From choosing the right houseplant for your space, through to keeping your houseplants happy and healthy.

Who Am I?

I'm Rachel the founder and owner of Our Green Sanctuary. I'm a horticulturist & Mum and I want to help you with all kinds of plants. Im hugely passionate about sharing my knowledge of plants so I can assist you to enjoy your indoor and outdoor spaces. I can help you to add plants to your home and care for your existing plant collection. Together we can create your green sanctuary.

Rachel Okell 

Rachel Okell

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How to add houseplants to your home & office.