How can we help you?

Our Green Sanctuary is here to help you with plants! Our consulting services help clients with plant selection for indoor and outdoor spaces. We ensure the right plants are chosen for your design and installation, specialising in tropical & indoor plant varieties. Our workshops are great events for team building or simply learning new gardening skills and our plant swaps are fun community events for locals to share in their love of plants. Contact us today to learn how Our Green Sanctuary can help you. 

Teaching my niece Leah about plants


The nursery that comes to you. Plant selection, sourcing, design and installation services catered to your needs & budget. 


Learn new gardening skills, get advice and tips. Great for groups, team building or individuals interested in gardening indoors & out. 

My niece Leah and I potting plants


Turning the age-old tradition of swapping plant cuttings into a fun community event designed to help people connect with like minded individuals 

Who Am I?

I'm Rachel the founder of Our Green Sanctuary. I'm currently completing my studies in horticulture & working in a garden centre, spending everyday selecting & caring for all kinds of plants. Im hugely passionate about sharing my knowledge of plants so I can assist people in adding greenery to enjoy their indoor and outdoor spaces.

Rachel Okell 

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