Why are hanging plants the best kind of houseplants?

There are so many reasons why hanging plants are the best kind of houseplants but
here's my top 3.

#1. Hanging plants are the best kind of houseplants because they don't take up ANY floor space, or much space at all!

Making use of vertical space is a well known space saving technique and there are lots of renter friendly options if you're not allowed to put hooks in the ceiling.

For example, you can hang plants on a tension pole, a curtain rod or using S hooks off rails and bannisters.

#2. Hang your plants high enough and they are safe from tiny hands and pets. 

Can my 3yo daughter reach some of these houseplants? Well, yes she can but only when standing on a stool and she's not tall enough yet to upturn their pots and cause havoc with potting mix.

They're also safe from my cat who doesn't tend to climb walls or the curtain rod, but I know not all cat's are like that. It's so easy to turn any houseplant into a hanging plant with the use of macrame plant hangers. 

#3. All the best low maintenance houseplants look great as hanging plants. 

Think of species such as Rhipsalis and Lepismium (check out my instagram for more pictures). Hoyas, Pothos and Strings of varieties of plants.

The major bonus is these plants don't require heaps of water, and are so easy care, you won't have to worry about dripping pots or getting your plants down to water them every week.

Rhipsalis plant hanging in a rattan basket

Have you got hanging plants in your collection?

Which one is your favourite? Drop me a comment and let me know! 

I bet you can guess mine.  

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A self confessed plant nerd, Rachel loves indoor plants, tropical plants and learning about new plants. Rachel is currently working as a Horticulturist helping people solve problems, pick plants & plan gardens. The best part of her job is being surrounded by plants all day! Rachel has a deep appreciation for all things green & hopes to share her knowledge and passion to help people learn about plants.

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