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P L A N T  S T Y L E | Top Houseplant Trends 2018

Ready to style your home with plants? The Top houseplant trends of 2018 is here! I’m calling it, on urban jungle plant style trends you’ll love. I know it’s been said green isn’t the colour of 2018, but green with plants is never going out of fashion. I’ll also share some of my top tips that you are sure to adore. 

Adding houseplants as part of your home decor is definitely a 2018 trend and it’s not going anywhere. Greenery as living home decor is a simple way to transform any space.

Green is in  

Green is in. In fact, the more the merrier when it comes to styling plants in your home. Think large plants in floor pots, plant shelves and plants in every room of the house. There are many beautiful ways to add plants to your home and the era of the urban jungle is here. You can fill your house with plants, regardless of your space. Not only will you benefit from cleaner air in your space, houseplants are proven to increase one's wellbeing too. Start with one plant if you’re not sure, or if you’ve never had a houseplant before & as your confidence grows, so will your indoor garden. 

Hanging Plants

Ideal for small spaces, or to keep plants away from small children and pets, hanging plants are a sure winner. Macrame plant hangers make it easy to add plants in any small pots to your home decor with a simple hook. Nursery’s and Garden Centres sell plants ready to hang in plastic pots, and there are many other varieties of hanging pots available.

Hang your plants from hooks opposite windows or to fill corners of rooms.

There are plenty of choices for hanging plants indoors, such as ferns, spider plants (Chlorophytum comosum), nodding violets (Streptocarpus rexii), Devil's ivy (Epipremnum aureum) and the Goldfish plant (Carassius auratus). 

Rachel’s Top Tip: Don’t forget to consider where you want to hang the plant when choosing what plant to hang. For example - Ferns love humidity, and indirect light. 


Want to make it seem like you have more plants than you do? Amplify your space and plants with mirrors. Style over a dresser for multi purpose use or hang it on the wall behind a tall plant. Choose a unique shape such as a round or hexagonal mirror.Tall mirrors work well with a group of taller plants or by a plant shelf. The reflection will create space and the illusion of more plants! 


When styling plants in your home it can become expensive purchasing beautiful pots, another way to compliment your new plant is by placing it in a basket! We suggest using baskets made of natural fibres or in neutral tones. There are tons of options when it comes to baskets for your plants, including wicker, willow, seagrass and rope storage baskets.

Floor Plants 

Now you’ve got a great basket, let’s fill it with a floor plant! Last years trend was the fiddle leaf fig, a stunning large leafed plant with a long thin stem growing to heights up to 2m. This year it’s all about the happy plant (Dracena fragrans 'Massangeana'), it’s a low maintenance and easy care plant that survives in low to medium light conditions. My next choice would be my absolute favourite type of plant, a palm. Have you seen my earrings? I’m obsessed with palms for their stunning leaf structure that looks great in any home. So which palms should you choose? For indoor there are a few varieties that are perfect! For a smaller variety try the parlour palm, or for something with more impact go with a Kentia palm or Rhapis palm.  

Lady Palm

Terracotta Pots 

If you follow any plant account on instagram it’s obvious that plant parents everywhere love terracotta pots. And it’s not just for their style. Obviously they look perfect when lined up on a plant shelf filled with luscious plant babies. A colour that sings in unison with all plant foliage. But did you know that Terracotta pots are actually good for your plants? Terracotta helps plants dry out quicker, saving plants from root rot caused by overwatering. However, this means you need to monitor the water required for plants in terracotta pots due to their porous nature.  

Interesting & Variegated Foliage

It’s not just about straight green leaves for your indoor plants anymore. From variegated & marble, to splashes of ruby and gold, interesting & coloured foliage adorn many of my favourite houseplants. Variegated plants of the same species compliment their greener counterparts. Branch out into deeper colours with a Ficus elastica, or Golden Ivy. Challenge yourself to care for a stunning & stripy Calathea. Simplify your style with a few varieties of Sansevieria.

Classic White Pots & Planters 

Can a trend be a classic? Who cares! Classic white planters & pots are where it’s at. Grouped together, they create a stunning display, emphasizing the green foliage in your plant collection.  White pots with varied textures, structures & sizes will create a harmonious look in any home. White planters are timeless & on trend while effortlessly matching furniture & your homes decor.


You’ve heard of Terrariums, so have you heard of Jarariums? A fun project to decorate your space with awesome aquatic art. Source yourself a large sized jar with a lid, the cheapest Potting mix with no fertilisers, aquarium gravel, & aquatic plants.  Grab a few tools, some long tweezers or mini tongs and a funnel to add the gravel and water. Start by adding a layer of soil, just a small amount, about 2cm thick is sufficient. Remove each aquatic plant from its pot and remove most of the soil, you may want to trim the roots if they appear to large for your chosen vessel. Use tongs to arrange your plants in the Jar and cover the roots with a small amount of soil. Use the funnel to distribute the gravel in a perfect layer covering the soil completely. Gently fill the jar with water through the funnel so as to limit the gravel being disturbed. Add the lid and place your Jararium creation in its new home!

Upcycled Containers 

Being green goes with loving green and upcycling is a step in the right direction, use old watering cans to plant up garden goodies like this trailing succulent ‘mezoo’. From old laundry tubs to kitchen chairs, there is no limit to the whimsy you can add to your garden with an upcycled planter.

What are your predictions for the Top Houseplant trends for 2018?

Tell us in the comments below!


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