Want to add houseplants to a space low on natural light? Natural light is essential for houseplants so beware of rooms without windows. Houseplants must have a light source to stay alive whether naturally bright, low light or artificial. Choosing the right houseplants to use in bright light and those darker corners is important for their survival, so read on to find out my top 10 low light houseplants. 

1. Cast iron plant - Aspidistra elatior 

Cast iron plant

With large dark green leaves this plant will survive the gloomiest of spaces. Traditionally surviving the most brutal of environments this houseplant handles it all, from fumes, draughts, smoke & low temperatures. Its glossy leaves shine in optimal conditions, including with low water. An excellent hallway or office plant, aspidistra can also been grown outside in shade.

2. Happy plant - Dracena fragrans massangeana

The Dracena might be slow growing, but it doesn’t require a ton of light to do so. Suitable for bright and low light rooms, this houseplant features stunning long green leaves with creamy yellow stripes down the centre. A floor plant when mature, the happy plant is sure to give anyone a smile as it's super low maintenance and very low water.

3. Devils Ivy - Epipremnum aureum

Devils Ivy

The golden pothos is very versatile, it can hang or climb in bright or low light positions. With large oval shaped leaves, pointing at the tip and a distinctive colour of yellow marbled with bright green. Epipremnum may also be sold as Scindapsus aureus and will climb up a moss covered pole or hang from a planter, but may latch onto nearby walls or objects. Devils ivy will tolerate neglect & low water & is perfect for almost every houseplant owner.  

4. Butterfly plant - Syngonium


A vigorous climber or hanging plant, Syngonium tolerates low light, bright light & shade outside. With beautiful & luscious amounts of arrow shaped leaves, cream veins and light green. The butterfly plant likes to climb a moss covered pole or can hang in a pot.

5. Snake plant -Sansevieria Trifasciata


A very hardy succulent, Sansevieria species are great for the bedroom, living room and kitchen. With upright sword shaped leaves, mottled green with a yellow band on the outsides the Sansevieria species grows well in full sun and shade. Rated one of nasa’s top air purifying plants, the Sansevieria sucks up carbon dioxide and releases oxygen at night. This low water houseplant is great for beginners and those who travel. 

6. Lady palm - Rhapis excelsa

Lady Palm

A excellent statement plant for the dimly lit corner of your home, this palm will grow indoors and out, tolerating shade and a sun room. With clumping stems each with five to eight leaves spreading from the tops like a fan, this palm makes an excellent privacy screen or divider between rooms. A popular container plant the Rhapis excelsa needs regular water but allow to dry out between drinks.

7. Chinese evergreen - Aglaonema 


The massive spear shaped leaves of the chinese evergreen create a spectacular display of green and cream splotches. The colours compliment other house plants foliage. The Aglaonema likes a regular drink but requires good drainage so don’t let this guy sit in water. Still easy to care for, if you forget about the chinese evergreen they will forgive you.

8. ZZ Plant - Zamioculcas Zamiifolia

ZZ plant

A plant you just can’t kill, the ZZ plant needs a drink once a month or two. The Zamioculcas Zamiifolia has thick succulent stems with rubbery dark green leaves. The ultimate of easy care houseplants the ZZ plant is perfect for those forgetful plant lovers. 

9. Fruit salad plant - Monstera Deliciosa 

Monstera Deliciosa

Young heart shaped leaves, splitting upon maturity give this plant a quirky personality. Traditionally a climber the Monstera creates a statement indoors and out in low light and shade positions. Another low water plant, Monstera is a perfect living room companion for the lazy or busy houseplant lover.

10. Parlor Palm (Chamaedorea)

Parlor palm

A smaller variety of palm, the parlor palm is an excellent choice of houseplant for low light conditions. An easy care variety of palm, the parlor palm can handle lower temperatures & low humidity spots too. Chamaedorea doesn’t like to be over watered so let it dry out between drinks. 

What are your favourite low light houseplants?

Tell us in the comments below!


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