Do you want the secret to achieving healthy houseplants? 

The Houseplant Workshop is here to help you learn how to maintain your houseplants the easy way, so you can spend less time wondering what's wrong with your houseplants, and more time enjoying them!


What they say

Highly recommend for all the new plant parents and experienced green thumbs. The introduction to House Plants course is affordable, engaging and incredibly helpful. It’s a great refresher for those that keep their plants alive and a fantastic intro for those (like me!) who were previously struggling to keep a happy plant! Highly highly recommend

Toni-Lee Lecky

Rachel is extremely knowledgeable and explains all things plants in an easy to understand manner. She encouraged my new plant venture and stepped me through all the need to know info, regularly checking in on progress and offering assistance where needed.

Tracey Huxley

If you're someone who:

  1. 1
     needs help knowing what's wrong with their indoor plants
  2. 2
    wants to learn how to maintain their houseplants instead of just watering them 
  3. 3
     knows it's important to understand your plants' requirements but is too busy to do a formal course

The The Houseplant Workshop is for you

In The Houseplant Workshop you'll get:

A potting mix recipe that's going to make watering your plants easier than ever

I'll teach you what ingredients to use to ensure your plants have great drainage and are easy to water when it suits you. 

Learn how to transform your plants from drab to fab with simple maintenance techniques

Pruning plants, repotting and even pest prevention is all at your fingertips with these maintenance must have's. 

Tips and tricks to elevate your plant game and bring your knowledge to the next level of plant parent

Style your houseplants for success with my expert tips. I'll show you what to consider when positioning your plants so they can thrive!

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