Plant Profile – Plumeria rubra

Since our first trip to Thailand the Frangipani flower has been my absolute favourite. The Plumeria rubra was actually one of my first ever plants (that I didn't kill) & the first flowering plant that I actually had flower! I adore the way the plumeria petal colours change as the flower matures & the range of colours these Frangipanis can produce. I suppose it only fitting that I, a lover of all things tropical, loves the Frangipani. Learn more about Plumeria rubra below. 


Plumeria rubra 




A deciduous plant species, native to Mexico, Central America, Columbia & Venezuela. Widely cultivated and suited to subtropical and tropical climates worldwide. Very fragrant flowers of pink, white & yellow. 


Full sun to part shade, Frangipanis grown in at least 6 hours of sun will flower more and grow faster than those grown more in shade.


Plumeria do not enjoy wet feet. When leafy they will require more water than when deciduous. During the cooler months ensure the plant dries out completely between drinks or simply forgo watering unless the plant becomes. 



Height and Spread: 2-8m 


Frangipanis need well draining soil. If potting use a cacti & succulent mix, if planting ensure the soil is well draining. 


Frangipanis need regular fertiliser when in pots. Liquid or slow release fertiliser is recommended to be applied during the warmer months, choose one suitable for your garden (all purpose is fine) or one suitable for pots.


Follow the above!  During the dryer months, it’s good to let the plant dry out between waterings, our tip: use the finger test to check if your plant needs water. When choosing a pot - pick one with a drainage hole, and use a saucer to catch escaping water. Empty the saucer if full after watering.  

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