Plant Profile – Epipremnum aureum

Epipremnum aureum Plant Profile

Of all the plants I own, my Epipremnum aureum, or Devils Ivy has definitely been the easiest to care for. It tolerates low light, and draughts, living by the front door in our south facing foyer. Meanwhile it has continued to grow so much, that I have taken several cuttings and quickly propagated them in water. Devils ivy is great as a climber or hanging plant in your home. Learn all about the Epipremnum aureum below.


Epipremnum aureum


Devils Ivy, Golden Pothos


​​​​​​Also sold as Scindapsus Aureus, this climbing house plant produces deep green leaves variegated with yellow patches and streaks. Native to the Solomon Islands. 


Devils Ivy prefers bright indirect light, will survive in low light & artificial light. 


Water when the top inch/ 3 cms is dry (see: The Finger Test). Epipremnum aureum will cope with some periods of dryness. Also enjoys a spray mist in summer. 



Height: 1.2 - 1.5m climbing 

Spread: 38-45cm 


Standard or premium potting mix. If making your own, use peat & loam based soil types. 


Liquid or slow release fertiliser is recommended to be applied during in the warmer months, choose one suitable for your houseplants (all purpose is fine) and always follow the instructions on the pack for measurements and frequency.


​Follow the above!  When choosing a pot - pick one with a drainage hole, and use a saucer to catch escaping water. Empty the saucer after watering. As it’s a climber, it will form aerial roots, give it something to climb on such as a moss covered pole or trellis.  

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