Plant Profile – Maranta Leuconeura

Maranta leuconeura Prayer plant Plant Profile

The prayer plant gets it's name because of the way the foliage moves from night to day. The brown blotched green leaves of Maranta leuconeura rise & fall from night to day as if in prayer. A resilient plant, the prayer plant can grow quickly in the warmer months, this one in particular was quite small and unhappy when I first brought it home & now hangs on my south-west facing balcony receiving a few hours of late afternoon sun in summer. 


Maranta Leuconeura


Prayer Plant, Ten Commandments 


This beautiful plant has very interesting leaves, emerald green in colour with brown and purple blotches between the veins which get darker as the leaves mature. Maranta leuconeura's leaves rise and fall from night to day, folding together as if in prayer. Native to Brazil. 


Bright, indirect light or medium shade. Will tolerate some direct sun. 


Prayer plant likes to be moist, don’t allow to dry out too long between watering. Likes a spray mist for humidity in summer. 


Height: 15-20 cms

Spread: 25-30 cms 


High quality premium potting mix or rich loam based soil.


Liquid or slow release fertiliser is recommended to be applied during in the warmer months, choose one suitable for your houseplants and always follow the instructions on the pack for measurements and frequency. This plant doesn’t require fertiliser in the cold of winter. 


Follow the above!  When choosing a pot - pick one with a drainage hole, and use a saucer to catch escaping water. Empty the saucer after watering. May need repotting every 12 months in the spring when the roots fill the pot. 

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