Plant Profile – Howeia fosteriana

Howeia fosteriana Plant Profile

Howeia fosteriana is my favourite houseplant palm. It has long, large leaves so full & feathery in dark green with bright green stems. It will grow indoors and in shade outside, it's the palm for every houseplant enthusiast.


Howeia fosteriana


Kentia palm 


Grown for its large foliage, the Kentia palm is a great houseplant to fill large corner. With long pinnate leaves this palm has a distinct single trunk, however is often planted in multiples of two or three as a young houseplant. Native to Lorde Howe Island. 


Bright indirect light/ Part shade. 


Water when just dry. Water thoroughly when watering and allow to completely drain (do not sit in water for extended periods). Requires good drainage. 


Height: 1.8-3m 

Spread: 1.5-2.4m


High quality premium potting mix or very well draining soil.


Liquid or slow release fertiliser is recommended to be applied during in the warmer months, choose one suitable for your houseplants and always follow the instructions on the pack for measurements and frequency. This plant doesn’t require fertiliser in the cold of winter. 


Follow the above!  When choosing a pot - pick one with a drainage hole, and use a saucer to catch escaping water. Empty the saucer after watering.  This plant will need repotting only when the roots fill the pot, then repot in Spring

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Simple gardening advice for houseplant enthusiasts.


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