Build your dream garden with me...

Imagine stepping into your dream garden...

You peep out your doorway and are beckoned by a lush forest of foliage, framing the entrance. 

Beyond the foliage there is a screen in the distance, jasmine flowers climbing and twirling, their scent wafts to you and cross the threshold. 

You step out onto wood floors, smooth and warm under your feet where the morning sun is shining. 

A warm cup of coffee in hand, you walk out onto the soft dewy grass, flowers peeking out at you from the bottom of the steps. 

You stop in the middle of the lawn. Suddenly you are surrounded by plants. Gardens envelop your space and provide a private oasis for you to enjoy. 

This is your dream garden. 

Ready to bring your inspiration to life?

I would love to help you create your dream garden today.  

Meet your garden consultant - Rachel 

Rachel Okell is a horticulturist and TAFE teacher offering Garden & Plant Consulting and related services on the Central Coast, NSW, Australia. Her goal is to help people to be successful with plants, by arming them with the knowledge & support they need to create their dream garden.

Rachel specialises in plant selection and plant care, meaning she can assist in choosing the right plants for your garden and lifestyle, so you can enjoy your own green sanctuary. 

What is a Garden consult?

Let me help you create a green space you will love. Whether it be adding plants to a new garden or taking care of your existing plant collection. I can help you with pest problems, new plantings, small spaces and indoor plants (which are a huge passion of mine). 

If it's new plants you need, I'll ask you questions related to the area you'd like to plant out, like; sunlight, climate & size of the space. I'll also ask you about your lifestyle, desire for upkeep & functionality for your family & pets. I'll then select plants that I think fit within these requirements and offer you a detailed list.

For your existing plants or garden, we can discuss any problems you're facing, details on how to manage pests, repotting and rearranging your plants. Plus, which are the best plants to add.

Coming soon I will have dream garden themes to make your plant selection even easier, with detailed images and plant lists to choose from to make planting out your dream garden fun and easy! 

What kind of plants? 

I specialise in tropical and indoor plants as I have a huge collection myself so I can share real life experiences. 

But my work in a retail nursery & garden centre means I'm familiar with a wide range of plants suitable for our central coast climate; from hedges, ornamentals, flowering plants for the shade and the sun. 

My goal is to create your dream garden, and soon I will have themes available to make plant selection even easier. 

What is involved?

I'll help you select the right plants for your space & care for the ones you already have

in three easy steps:

  1. Contact me to book your appointment on a Thursday or Saturday. 
  2. I'll arrange an on site visit to provide you with advice and assistance. 
  3. We will decide your plant recommendations and leave you with a list of plants to choose from. 

So what does it all cost? 

Initial consultations are charged from $300.00 including the on site visit  (minimum one hour) and travel. Additional charges may apply (outside 20km from Gosford, over time etc). Further services such as: a detailed report about the plants we discuss, planting design or mapping, plant sourcing, and planting installation can be quoted pending the scope of the work. I work with you and your budget so we can create your dream garden. 

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Rachel came to our site and was professional and courteous in every way. Her advice was precise and appropriate and there was no "upsell". Highly recommend her for small or large jobs.

Bruce Bennett - Ourimbah NSW

Is a one hour consult enough?

It's your choice, we can spend one hour together or longer. As a guide, one hour should be sufficient time for a small suburban garden or an indoor space. If you think you have a larger area or multiple spaces or projects we can discuss these prior to booking. 

To ensure you get the most bang for your buck, I will leave you with a list of the plants that are suitable for your space, so you won't forget anything I share. 

And remember, I can always come back if you need more help!