You CAN put a plant in ANY room

 - find out how

I've written a short e-book that will detail 5 indoor plants which are suitable for almost any room in your house, plus I'll tell you 5 ways you are torturing your houseplants and how to stop today. 

A plant for ANY room

I want to help you find your green thumb, so I've put together a few pages to share with you the 5 easiest plants for any room in your home. 

ebook cover, an image of green houseplants in white pots with the title: A plant for any room, the beginners guide to bringing plants indoors by Rachel Okell Owner and Founder of Our Green Sanctuary. Featuring 5 ways you are torturing your houseplants and how to stop it in one day or less
Understand what your plant needs. 

I've put together a profile for each plant I talk about, with all the information you need to know to care for it in your home. 

Know which plants will work for you. 

I've included 5 different indoor plants that I know are super easy to care for, so you can select the one that will fit your requirements.  

Fix what you're doing wrong. 

I know what it's like to get it wrong, so I've detailed the 5 ways you're probably torturing your plants and how to stop doing it in one day or less. 

Learn from an expert.

I'm a qualified horticulturist and teacher, with about 100 of my own indoor plants. Not only do I practice what I preach, I've studied and trained to be able to share my knowledge with you. 

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