Our Green Sanctuary

At it's core, Our Green Sanctuary is simple gardening advice. Our plant consulting services help clients with plant selection for indoor and outdoor spaces. Specialising in indoor and tropical plants our founder Rachel will ensure the right plants are chosen for your home and lifestyle. She has installed vertical gardens, plants around pools & houseplants in Sydney, Australia. 

The motivation for starting Our Green Sanctuary was Rachel's desire to help more people connect with plants. Keeping plants can help improve a persons wellbeing and provide a sanctuary to relax in. Rachel is armed with knowledge she has gained from her experience with keeping her own houseplants, and garden. She also has a qualification in horticulture and experience working in a garden centre. 

Our Green Sanctuary's goal is to leave customers with a beautiful green space that's easy to maintain and enjoy. 

About Rachel 

Rachel Okell is a horticulturalist offering plant consulting and related services in Sydney and the NSW Central Coast, Australia. Rachel recently became a mum in March 2020 to baby girl Lyla.

After developing a huge passion for plants sparked by a need to connect with nature, Rachel found her wellbeing improved. Her desire to continue nurturing her self-care lead her to changing careers into the world of horticulture. Rachel specialises in plant selection and plant care, meaning she can assist in choosing the right plants for your space and lifestyle, so you can enjoy your own green sanctuary. 

Plant Consulting 

Let me help you create the green space you will love. Whether it be adding plants to a new space or taking care of your existing plant collection. If it's a new space, I'll ask you questions related to the area like sunlight, climate & size of the space. I'll ask you about your lifestyle, desire for upkeep & functionality for your family & pets. I'll then select plants that I think fit within these requirements and offer you a detailed list. For your existing plant collection we can discuss any problems you're facing, details on how to manage pests, repotting and rearranging your plants. I also offer additional services including; plant sourcing, design & installation. I work with your budget and style, offering advice to help create your green sanctuary. 

"Rachel consults our clients on installation of our outdoor greenery, she is the nursery that comes to you." DY Constructions

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Well done Rachel. Such a great and informative website! Thanks for the info, very useful and ultra helpful.

Jennifer - Sydney


 Rachel's ability to simplify her garden advice makes caring for plants easy, even when i had to deal with fungus gnats, she knew what to do and I'm finally rid of them. Thank you Rachel!

Merilyn - Central Coast


You have inspired me to add more plants to my space and 'Greenify my life'. I look forward to your future posts!

Dianna - Central Coast

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