I tell you what, I'm definitely feeling the cold already and you know what that means? The plants are too! 

So today I want to share 5 easy tips for Winter houseplant care. These are simple things I'm doing to keep my plants happy over the colder months. 

5 easy tips for Winter houseplant care 

1. Dust the leaves and clean the windows 

With shorter days ahead, plants have less natural light to use for photosynthesis.

Keeping their foliage dust free and my windows nice and clean gives them the best opportunity to use the light available in Winter.

I also use this opportunity to do a preventative pest spray by wiping the leaves over with some Neem oil spray. The foliage is not only dust free, but pest free too! 

2. Rearrange plants if needed, according to the light available.

For the same reason, if any plants are in darker spots now the sun is lower in the sky. I move them closer to the window.

It's a good idea to monitor the change in light available to your houseplants in Winter, to ensure they are receiving what they need. 

3. Readjust my watering practices

With less light available my plants are using less water, so I'm careful to check whether my plants need water before giving it to them.

I'm still adding a few drops of fertiliser or soil conditioner to the water so the plants get the nutrients they need to grow.

If you need help determining when you should water your plants read this. 

4. Close the windows 

At my place, the temperature drops when the sun goes behind the trees in the afternoon.

As soon as I start feeling cold, I close the windows in the house.

Some plants handle changes in temperature better than others so to be safe, I try to keep the environment above 10 degrees celsius. 

5. Beware of the heater

Most houseplants are from tropical climates so don't mind a warm and toasty environment.

However, heating tends to create a drier atmosphere and the lack of humidity can cause plants to dry out quicker.

Fluctuations in temperature can have an impact on how you care for your plants so be sure to monitor your environment and adjust your plant care accordingly.

Did you find this helpful? 

What are your tips for houseplant care in Winter?

I love learning new tips to care for my houseplants. Check out this related article over on The Spruce. 

5 easy tips for winter houseplant care

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