The helpful guide for keeping your house plants happy.

What is it? 

Our Green Sanctuary Plant Profile’s are a simple snapshot of the information you need to care for your plant.

The categories included are based on the most important aspects of plant care and some frequently asked questions. I've included a quick description of each category at the bottom of the page. 

Click on the image or text to be taken to the Plant Profile! 

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Plant Consulting
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Plant Profile – Chamaedorea erumpens
This uniquely shaped, clumping palm is a great addition to any plant collection. Clusters of bamboo like canes form the[...]
Plant Profile – Chamaedorea Cataractarum
Rhapis excelsa is the easiest to care for indoor palm. It has fanned, finger like leaves, deep dark green with[...]
Plant Profile – Chamaedorea elegans
Chamaedorea elegans is the smallest of my indoor palms. It has very small & slender feathery leaves, dark green with[...]
Plant Profile – Rhapis excelsa
Rhapis excelsa is the easiest to care for indoor palm. It has fanned, finger like leaves, deep dark green with[...]
Plant Profile – Howeia fosteriana
Howeia fosteriana is my favourite houseplant palm. It has long, large leaves so full & feathery in dark green with[...]

What does it all mean?

Read each box below for an explanation of each category in the Plant Profile. 


The scientific name for the plant. Usually made up of two parts, a generic (or genus) name and a specific name or epithet. 


A general name for the plant. One plant can have many common names as there is no international convention.


Where the plant originates, notes about the plants family, how it grows and suggested uses. 


Important information about the position and light the plant requires 


Tips on how much water the plant needs. 


How big the plant can get, height and width.


The kind of soil and drainage the plant needs.


What and when to fertilise your plants. (Yes, plants need food too!)


​Advice to keep your plant happy and any common pests or diseases.

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