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Aglaonema Plant Profile

Aglaonema Plant Profile

A colourful houseplant originating in China, the Aglaonema species is part of the Arecaceae family of plants. Commonly called the Chinese evergreen the Aglaonema is a perfect beginner houseplant, tolerating a wide range of light conditions and home environments. 

See some fast facts about the Aglaonema below. 

Size: Height 40cm-1.2m & width 25-30cm 

Foliage description: Foliage can be bright mottled variations of white, greens, pinks, silver, yellow and cream

Flower description: small spathes may appear on short stems, light green spathes with a white spadix in the centre  

Flowering period: in ideal conditions in summer 

Maintenance: Yellow leaves should be investigated and removed, usually caused by over or under watering or pests. Water your Aglaonema deeply, but allow the soil to dry out between drinks. Suitable for low light positions, a very low maintenance plant.

Preferred climate conditions: Tropical and subtropical to temperate. Mild, protect from frost. 

Susceptibility to pests & diseases & control: Aglaonemas are tough plants but may be susceptible to mealybug, spider mites and scale. Treat with horticultural oils or systemic insecticides. 

Preferred aspects for plant: Shade in the garden or bright indirect light indoors. Aglaonemas will tolerate lower light conditions than other houseplants, they will not tolerate direct sun

Preferred soil: well drained soil or good quality premium potting mix, I mix perlite in with premium potting mix for indoor plants. 

Planting spacing: When planting, space 50 centimetres apart. For pots, one with a 25-30cm diameter should be sufficient.

Varieties of Aglaonema:

  • Aglaonema siam aurora
  • Aglaonema commutatum
  • Aglaonema red valentine
  • Aglaonema silver king 
  • Aglaonema tricolour
  • Aglaonema marantifolium
  • Aglaonema pictum
  • Aglaonema nitidum

Just to name a few! 

Do you have a favourite variety of Aglaonema plant? Tell us in the comments below!