I'm Rachel 

Creator of

Our Green Sanctuary


I'm Rachel

Creator of Our Green Sanctuary

About Me

The first thing you need to know is, I love plants! I'm a self confessed plant nerd, and my obsession with all things green has been growing exponentially over the last 5 years. 

My passion for plants started with a humble Frangipani cutting purchased at a local market. It sat on my balcony looking beautiful until winter when the leaves dropped leaving me puzzled. I researched online to learn whether I had killed my precious plant & found out it's deciduous! 

Since then, one plant has turned into forty pot plants scattered throughout the house & my plant obsession is in full swing. Thirty three indoor plants occupy my living room alone! I'm slowly creating the jungle I've been dreaming of, and all the while learning everything I can about plants. 

I started Our Green Sanctuary after experiencing a lot of trial and error in caring for my plants. When I had a problem, I needed simple information to help me with my small space garden and I struggled to find it. I gathered enthusiasm with my plant passion, and almost a year ago I started work as an apprentice in horticulture. 

I love working with plants and I'm constantly expanding my knowledge & understanding of plant life. My mission is to help others greenify their lives with houseplants. I've created this website to be easy to use & helpful to houseplant enthusiasts through blog posts & plant profiles. 

In the near future I hope to be offering plants, pots, a local market stall and plant workshops. 


Our Green Sanctuary is about sharing simple gardening advice for houseplant enthusiasts. I want to create a community of plant lovers to help & encourage healthy living with plants. 

I have found so many benefits to greenifying my space and life.  I want to share this message and help improve the health and wellbeing of those who want to join the Our Green Sanctuary community. 

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My Top 5 Plants 

The original Frangipani from the beginning of my plant obsession, still going strong. I'll need to update my photos when it's flowering.  

I have several pots of this plant scattered throughout the house, it will survive where nothing else will. It's also easy to propagate so I can make more whenever I want! 

How can you not love a plant named for being happy?  My husband bought me this for our anniversary so of course it makes the list.  This one is also super easy to care for. 

I'm very proud of this plant. I purchased it from the clearance section of a garden centre chain when it was near death. With a new basket, a trim and some love it has tripled in size in 6 months!

I've always had an affinity for anything Zebra related and the foliage on this plant is no exception. Just beautiful.  

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Well done Rachel. Such a great and informative website! Thanks for the info, very useful and ultra helpful.

ZZ plant



you have inspired me to add more plants to my space and 'greenify my life'. I look forward to your future posts!




Someone please say something for me to put in this box! 


Jane Doe

CEO of Incorp

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Greenify your life 

How to add Houseplants to your home & office. 

Simple gardening advice for houseplant enthusiasts.

I hope to help create a community of plant lovers, to help & encourage healthy living with plants.