5 easy tips for Winter houseplant care

5 easy tips for winter houseplant care

Indoor plant care in Winter | 5 easy tips to keep your houseplants happy | June 2018 | Our Green Sanctuary Blog

In winter, plant maintenance is a little different and for some of us, much easier than summer time plant care! Here's how it works; as the days become shorter, many houseplants go into dormancy. Dormant plants use less energy & stop actively growing. Below I share my 5 easy tips for winter indoor plant care. 

1. Group plants close together to keep them warm and encourage humidity.

Group houseplants close together to keep them warm

Spacing plants close together helps to create a humid microclimate that many tropical houseplants love. In winter time this is especially important as the temperature drops and plants go into dormancy, grouping plants closely helps keep them warm.

2. Slow down on watering during the coldest months.

slow down on watering

Overwatering, particularly in winter can be disastrous. Dormant plants are not using anywhere near as much water as growing plants as the days are much shorter and less light is available. The difference in temperature also means water is absorbed much more slowly as there is less evaporation. Winter dormancy is common for most houseplants from temperate to tropical climates.  

If you need help determining when you should water your plants read this.

3. Move plants to where they will receive the most light. 

move plants to where they will receive the most light

The winter sun is in a different position in the sky, which means the light in your house changes, where corners are bright in summer, winter may leave them dark for most of the day. Even dormant plants need light and shorter days make this more challenging. Take note of the changes in light in your home and rearrange plants accordingly.

4. Don't fertilise your houseplants during winter 

Don't fertilise houseplants in winter

Dormant plants are sleeping plants and sleeping plants aren’t hungry, so there is no need to fertilise plants in winter. An exception would be if you are using a grow light on your plants outside daylight hours. If the plant is receiving sufficient light to be actively growing then fertilising is ok. For dormant plants you should wait until the days are longer and you can see leaves returning to trees outside. Then you can fuel your plants for the growing season with your fertiliser of choice.

5. Don't forget to dust your plants leaves. 

Don't forget to dust your plant leaves

Plants use their leaves to photosynthesize and even during dormancy require light to give them energy and keep them green. Dust on the leaves makes this process more difficult, especially during winter when the days are shorter and less light is available. Use a microfiber cloth or damp sponge to clean both sides of the leaves each week to ensure dust doesn’t accumulate.

What are your tips for houseplant care in Winter?

Tell us in the comments below!


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